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Free Secondary DNS

I offer a resilient anycast based free secondary / backup DNS zone hosting service. See here.

2014 Whereabouts

Declaration of interests

Feed Toby

In February 2012 I built a Twitter controlled dog feeder, the demo video is available below, anyone can feed Toby! simply tweeting 'feed' to @feedtoby.

The video recieved more press coverage than I could of ever imagined, after the first 5 days of putting it live only 30 friends and family fed Toby via Twitter, then it appeared in the national press and before I woke up one morning 4500 people had tried. So far (upto 18 March 2012) 93,000 people have tried to feed him.

Source code: I've made all the source code available:

Original Youtube video, the one that triggered all the press interest.

ITV Daybreak came to visit, live broadcast from our kitchen

School exams and textbooks, surprisingly Toby has made it into school materials!

Press coverage